The Solutions Series 2020

‘The Solutions Series’ is a series of online panel discussions taking place during November 2020.

At the inaugural WorkEqual national conference – which took place in November 2019 – five key themes were identified by conference delegates as factors contributing to gender inequalities at work:

  1. Gender stereotyping across society – including in our education system, in the media and advertising, and within workplaces.
  2. The gender pay gap – in particular, a lack of understanding of why calculating the gender pay gap matters, and what factors contribute to it.
  3. A lack of flexible work options.
  4. The unequal burden of caring duties (including childcare) that falls on women.
  5. The need for more women in positions of leadership.

Each panel discussion in ‘The Solutions Series’ will focus on one of these themes – with high-profile guest speakers from Ireland and abroad.

Featured Speakers

The aim of these discussions is to take a ‘whole of society’ approach to progressing gender equality, building on the recommendations that were included in the 2019 WorkEqual conference report.

All panel discussions will run from 1pm to 2pm on the date in question, and will feature an introduction from Sonya Lennon, founder of the WorkEqual campaign. The dates and topics for each panel discussion are as follows:

All panel discussions are open to anyone with an interest in gender equality and workplace relations to attend, free of charge. However, advance registration is required.

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