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We support women across Ireland to enter or return to the workplace.

If you are looking for work,  whether it be your first job or you are re-entering the workforce after some time, we can give you a tailored experience to build your confidence and skills to help you succeed in your job-search.

Our services are free of charge to individual women, and you can book an appointment or ask a question by contacting us at info@workequal.ie or by phone on 0892202015. Our office hours are Monday to Thursday 10am-3pm.

You may be interested in more than one of our services – and you can request multiple! Just get in touch to discuss what our team can do for you. 

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Being dressed professionally at an interview does not just help boost your confidence and performance, it also helps to make a great first impression with your potential employer.

At our Styling Consultations, you will be paired with one of our expert stylists for a private one-to-one session and be provided with:

  1. A consultation to find the right outfit that makes you feel confident and comfortable.
  2. Advice on how to style the clothes you already have in your wardrobe.
  3. A free outfit so you can create a style for any interview which you may have in the future.

When you get a job, we can also provide essential items of clothing to help you during those first few weeks of work, when you may be facing a range of new costs such as transport or childcare.


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Our Mentoring Programme is perfect for you if you have been searching for work for at least six months. You will be matched with one of our experienced professionals who will work with you for a six-month period, to give you advice, support and keep you motivated.

Your mentor will provide a one hour-long mentoring session at least once a month to help you achieve your own goals.

These mentoring sessions are provided to you privately in a one-to-one setting, in person or online.

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Our Career Centre volunteers are experts in the recruitment process and are available to help you with every step along the way to secure a job.

In a friendly and private session (in person or online) you can get expert insights and lots of help with:

  1. Writing your CV.
  2. Understanding job descriptions.
  3. Interview preparation (including mock interviews for practice).
  4. Believing in yourself and the skills and value you have, especially when job seeking.
  5. Thinking about what career you might want, or what are the choices open to you.

We are also happy to help you prepare for interviews for training and education courses. You’re always welcome to book a session.

Employer Workshops

We work with a range of companies and organisations from the recruitment, technology, retail and other sectors to provide workshops on topics that affect people looking for work. They include insights into the recruitment process, understanding how to make the most of job-search websites, building a LinkedIn profile and workshops with Bobbi Brown on skincare and make-up for interviews and the workplace.

These workshops are also an opportunity to meet with other women and network with companies across Ireland.

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Getting a job is the first, big step to making yourself financially independent. You can also attend our Financial Education workshop. This is a six-week programme with advice and information on how to manage your money and make it go (even!) further.

This course includes practical advice on:

  1. Budgeting, for both day-to-day spending and bigger financial decisions.
  2. How to avoid taking on too much debt.
  3. How to plan for your future and make better financial decisions.
  4. How to have uncomfortable discussions with family, employers and banks/lenders about managing your financial wellbeing.
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