Sports, business and media leaders to speak at IWD 2021 event

An Post CEO David McRedmond, Irish International canoeist Jenny Egan and broadcaster Sonya Lennon will feature as part of the line up for our free online International Women’s Day 2021 event, where we will examine the challenges to gender equality in Ireland, and provide practical steps to overcome them, on Monday, 8th March 2021 from 3pm to 4pm.

The practical and inspiring discussion will consider the responsibilities for addressing gender inequality from a personal, professional and societal perspective, and feature practical insights from the experience of industry leaders on implementing change.

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The event will be moderated by broadcaster and founder of WorkEqual  Sonya Lennon and will feature a special discussion with An Post CEO David McRedmond on the importance of male allyship in progressing gender equality, the business benefits of gender parity and insights on how the national postal service approached implementing practical change.

The full event line-up includes:

Jenny Egan, Team Ireland Marathon and Sprint International Canoeist;

Allison Keating, Author, Columnist, Chartered Psychologist and owner of bWell Clinic;

Aoife Davey, Senior Marketing Director at One4all; and

Tracey Carney, Managing Director of Business and Finance Media Group.

There will also be special contributions from Margot Slattery, Global Diversity and Inclusion Lead at Sodexo and Deirdre Mortell, CEO of Rethink Ireland.

The event is being run in collaboration with Business & Finance Media Group, and produced in partnership with One4all, Communicorp Media, and design agency TAP Creations.

Speaking in advance, WorkEqual  founder and moderator of the event Sonya Lennon said: “This IWD we are driving an ever-evolving conversation on how to progress gender equality in Ireland and make truly meaningful change. Join us to talk about learning from failure, surfacing invisible challenges and the bountiful benefits of successes along the way!

“Every International Women’s Day, we mark the date with incredible companies across Ireland who are committed to progressing gender equality. The best way to achieve real impact is to learn from the work of others who are on this journey and share practical insights with each other. Challenging gender inequality requires the whole of society to get involved and to work collaboratively towards this common goal.

“At WorkEqual , we play our own part in trying achieve gender equality by providing job search and career support to women who need a helping hand to enter the workforce. As part of our IWD campaign, we’re also asking people across the country to donate the cost of their commute, currently saved through work-from-home arrangements, to support women on their journey into employment. Donations will be used to help us grow our employment services for women across Ireland.

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